Malware Removal and Security Services

Got your website hacked or Google blocked access to it? Malware Removal and Security Service will help you to clean your website, remove malware code, backdoors, malicious scripts, and fully restore your website after the hacking attack.

We will perform a detailed investigation of hacking intrusions, determine the type of hacking attack and locate what causes the issues you face. Your website content, customization, data like posts/products/articles, and media files will be saved*. Malicious content and redirects to other websites will be removed from the website files and database. We will restore access to your site and make sure it works and performs properly, and add a basic protection that will help to protect your website from hacking attacks and intrusions. After all the changes are made, we will also provide a detailed report regarding the intrusion as well as recommendations on how to protect your website from hacking attacks in the future.

In some cases, search engines block access to the website or mark it as suspicious (so you will get warning messages in browsers or in search results). Google Adwords may not allow you to use Ads on your website due to the infected website as well. Malware removal service fully resolves those issues and includes unblocking your website in the browsers and search engines.

*We will restore most content on your site, however, in some cases malware scripts may remove particular files and we will not be able to recover them.

What You Get with Malware removal service

Cleaning malware from the website

We will clean up your website and make sure that malicious content, scripts, redirects and suspicious files will be removed. Also, we will determine the type of hacking attack and take appropriate actions in order to block such intrusions during the process of removing malware from your site. 

Restoring the file and database structure

We will make sure that all core and template files are available on your host, corrupted and damaged files will be fixed and database structure will be maintained. 

Making sure that your website was restored and works properly

At this stage we are testing the restored website, checking if custom content is available on your site and making sure that the website shows up and works properly. 

Adding basic protection in order to secure your website

The service includes making security optimizations to protect critical parts of the website and secure it from basic hacking intrusions. Additional changes can be performed upon request to make your site even more secure: this additional paid service prevents 98% of hacking attacks, including SQL injections, external links to malware and prevents infecting your site with malware code.

Removing hacked website notification from search results and browsers

We will remove your website from the blacklist, the message that your website was hacked will be removed in the search results and in browsers. Your website will be fully accessible.

Providing the access details to the clean website

Your website will have new secure login access details. You will also get a list of access details you will need to change due to security reasons. 

Providing helpful tips regarding security

We will provide tips that will help you make your website more secure. Such recommendations will be based specifically on your WordPress site.

ETA: 2-3 business days
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Why This Service


Fast Order Completion

All the malware will be removed within two to three business days (or even faster). No need to wait for long, lose clients and profits: you can act fast to prevent the issues to hurt your site.


Affordable Pricing

For the price of a single service, you will get all the malware removed, your site secured and with personalized recommendations on how to protect it in the future.


All in one solution

No need to look for separate services to clean malware and remove unwanted notifications in the search engines: with this offer, you will get all you need to fully restore your site and prevent it from being hacked again in the future.

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