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Do you want your website to get high SEO ranking and well-targeted organic traffic? With our WordPress SEO services, you will get a thorough analysis of your website that will lead to SEO improvements. Our professional team will make all the necessary changes for this. We will guide you through all aspects of on-site optimization and make sure that search engines appropriately crawl your website.

Our WordPress SEO optimization service includes numerous aspects of improving your website’s ranking. Our experts will check the content of your website, its URL structures, metadata, etc. Also, we’ll work with robots exclusion protocol that prompts search engines what pages they should or shouldn’t see.

It doesn’t matter in what business niche you work. Our experienced team will professionally deal with your website. So, if you have a WooCommerce site, we can provide you with WooCommerce SEO services.

Our WordPress SEO services include the optimization of up to 6 pages of your website. The overall website performance improvement will be noticeable after the optimization. You will be able to see the first results right after the website indexing.

What You Get with WordPress SEO Services

Website Performance Analysis

Our WordPress SEO services start with a comprehensive overall analysis of your website organic performance. We’ll analyze your website’s traffic and find out any problems that can lead to traffic loss. Our team will check all the pages that search engines can crawl and see if any corrections are needed.

Yoast SEO

We will provide you with a detailed Yoast SEO analysis to get more visitors both from search engines and social media. Moreover, Yoast SEO optimization helps to enhance the readability of your site and increase your visitors’ engagement. Also, Yoast optimization helps to avoid duplicate content.

Semantic Analysis and Keyword Mapping

Our on-page SEO team pays a lot of attention to the content of your website. We will analyze your pages with regard to your business niche needs. Our team will check if the content on your site corresponds to the queries of customers in search engines.

Search Volume Analysis and Local Keyword Targeting

Our team will find keywords with the best specificity and high volume of searches that will be appropriate for your website. Careful keyword planning included in WordPress SEO services will help us increase the visibility of your site for the search engines. Moreover, you will get specific keywords essential for local SEO.

WordPress SEO services: Competitive Strategy Planning

Our task is to make your website stand out and overcome your competitors. To achieve this, our professionals will carry out a thorough SEO competitor evaluation. We will help you to plan the strategy on how to improve your website in the future and make it more market-driven. If you have a WooCommerce website, our WooCommerce SEO will enhance your site’s ranking, too.

Meta Tags Optimization

Search engines see much more than ordinary website visitors, so meta tags are of enormous importance for good search results. With our WordPress SEO services, you will get a thorough analysis of meta titles, meta descriptions, URLs, title tags, etc. After that, you will get recommendations on improving your metadata.

Web Content Keyword Optimization

Our experienced copywriters will help you to improve the content of your website. Using specific keywords that are appropriate for your business, we’ll provide you with high-quality texts that you will be able to use on your website. You will get unique content for your webpages that will make your site rank higher.

Internal Linking within WordPress SEO services

The structure of your website is no less important than the content on it. Our professional WordPress SEO optimization service includes sitemap analysis, too. Our team will check the links that connect various pages of your website. We’ll help you to improve navigation through the site by creating proper internal linking.

Page Speed Boost

Website speed is crucial for user experience and, correspondingly, to search engines ranking. Our team will optimize your media, making the size of images smaller. This will guarantee a better loading speed of your website and increased overall website performance.

ETA: up to 20 business days
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Why This Service


Confidential Reporting

When we provide our WordPress SEO services, we always inform our clients about all the problems that their websites have. Moreover, you will be able to control the process and make the client’s revisions.


Real Changes in Short Time

We don’t make bare promises; we make real changes. Additionally, you can get an improved result really fast. It takes us up to 20 business days to make a thorough analysis and to optimize different pages of your website.


Unique Content

Within the WordPress SEO services, our copywriters create unique personalized texts that suit your business needs. You will get up to 250 words of SEO-optimized text with specific keywords for each page.


Affordable Prices

Regarding the amount of work we perform and the results you get, the price of our WordPress SEO services is quite reasonable, compared to the market average $85-250 per page.

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Oct 11, 2019 by Jonathan
The service was personalized and professional, thanks so much.

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