WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Website’s speed is one of the crucial criteria for search engines in displaying their results. Are you sure that your WordPress website has the fastest speed that it can reach? Do you wish to optimize your website? With our WordPress speed up, you will get a lightning-fast website without having to dwell on the details of the speed optimization process.

When you give us your website’s details, our professional team will perform multiple actions to provide you with WordPress speed optimization services. We will analyze your website’s speed thoroughly to find out any problems connected with its speed.

After the careful site speed WordPress analysis, we’ll carry out various actions to optimize your website. These actions will include work with coding, file compression, media optimization, etc. If you don’t want to be troubled with all these steps yourself, trust your website to our expert team.

What You Get with WordPress Speed Up

Leveraging Browser’s Caching

One of the main keys to WordPress speed up is leveraging browser’s caching. This feature helps to reduce the data used by the user’s browser when they are navigating through your website. Thus, the loading speed of your website increases.

Enabling Gzip Compression

With enabled gzip compression, your web server will be able to provide smaller files that need to be transferred as this compression makes file sizes smaller. So, your website visitors will get a faster loading speed due to the quicker moving of reduced files.

Database Optimization

As your WordPress website database contains a lot of important information, careful managing of it is necessary to guarantee the proper performance of your website. During WordPress speed optimization, our professionals will apply the best database optimization techniques, such as indexing, identifying and tuning slow queries, etc., to boost your website.

Images Compression

Our WordPress speed optimization services include managing the size of images on your website. We will reduce pictures to make them load faster. You can be sure that images won’t lose their quality, and they will be appropriately displayed on users’ screens.

JS/CSS/HTML Minification

WordPress page speed optimization won’t be full without modifying HTML, CSS, and JS files. These code files include a lot of information written in code, either by a developer or auto-generated. Our specialists will use minifying to reduce the size of these files.

Testing with GTMetrix

Our WordPress site speed optimization implies testing your website’s speed with GTMetrix to collect comprehensive data about your pages. Our specialists will evaluate and ensure that your website’s performance is excellent in different browsers, connection speeds, etc.

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Why This Service


Professional Help for WordPress

You can completely trust our specialists who have been providing website speed up services for a long time. Our experts know all the technical details to make your website fast.


Comprehensive WordPress Speed Up

Our WordPress optimization service includes thorough improvements in various areas. Our professionals will deal with website coding as well as with your media.


Fast WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Our team can guarantee that we will provide WordPress speed optimization services in the shortest terms. Our team will need only one business day to optimize your webpage.


Reasonable Website Speed Up Price

Concerning the amount of work that our specialists carry out for your WordPress site speed optimization and the fast order completion, our price is really fair.

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Oct 11, 2019 by Oliver
Despite a lot of questions, they did not leave me, they solved my problem and made my site work faster! A huge thank you! This is a great team!
Oct 11, 2019 by Jamie
I am impressed with Zeroix' service. They go above and beyond to assist the customer and they never say no. I definitely recommend them for both amateurs or professionals.

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