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Launched a WordPress site to tell the world about your business and all the great services you provide and the products you create but did not have enough time to maintain it properly? Not sure the site you have spent a lot of time developing does work at its max performance? Let our WordPress experts look after your site while you are focusing on the things that really matter: your clients, your team, your business and its growth.

A site is a tool that will help you achieve your business goals, and with our WordPress maintenance services, it will always work smoothly and provide the best experience to your customers. A dedicated team of professionals will check your site’s performance on a regular basis, and make all the needed optimizations and debugging to be sure it works as intended. At the end of every month, you will get an activity report with an overview of how your site is doing and what has been done.

Moreover, thanks to included weekly database and speed optimizations, the site will not slow down after you add new content or make changes to it (like, for example, install plugins), and with our SEO consultations and site improvement suggestions you will be able to get a higher Google ranking and improve overall user experience.

In case something goes wrong and your site is down, our experts will fix the issues in a timely manner so your clients will see no downtime. Such emergencies are rare but it is crucial to be fully prepared to them and act fast, or trust professionals to do the work.

What You Get with Support and Maintenance Services

Performance Check & Optimization

We monitor the performance of your website on a regular basis and report any problems to you. If any issues are found, we make all the needed optimizations to fix them.

Weekly Debugging

We check if there are any bugs appear on the site or in the backend (for example, because of a plugin malfunction), and look for a solution to solve the problems.

Monthly Activity Reports

With detailed regular reports, you will know what is happening to your site and how our optimizations and modifications improve its speed, stability and overall user experience.

Database Optimization

Our professionals will apply the best database optimization techniques, such as indexing, identifying and tuning slow queries, etc., to speed up your website and make it generate dynamic pages faster.

Site Improvement Suggestions

Our experts will use their 15+ years of experience to provide you with recommendations on how your site can be improved to attract more visitors, work better and save your time for managing your business but not fighting with tech difficulties.

Emergency Care

In case of emergency, if a WP site is down, we provide you with maintenance solutions to make your site work again without any downtime.

WooCommerce Support

If you have a WooCommerce-powered online store on your site, our team will help you with all the questions you may have about selling your products and configuring the shop. No need to look through pages of Google results, just ask our team and get assistance from a professional with a lot of real-life experience.

SEO Consultancy and Basic Setup

The service includes basic SEO optimizations that are fundamental for making your website rank higher in search engines: keywords check, Yoast SEO plugin installation & configuration, sitemap, robots.txt, SEO URLs for WP websites

Weekly Speed Optimization

Website’s speed is crucial in making your customers enjoy working with your site, and is used by search engines to determine your site’s rank. With our wordpress maintenance services, we will work with coding, file compression, media optimization to make your site work faster.

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Why This Service


Expert Assistance

Our experienced experts have been helping WordPress users for many years. We will be happy to provide the services to guarantee your satisfaction.


Affordable Pricing

With the WordPress Support and Maintenance services, you will be able to get a lot of changes and optimizations in a single package at an astounding price. No need to look for several different techs who know how to do only one thing, hire a team of dedicated developers who cover all the needs of WordPress site owners. 


Ease of Use

You make just one payment and our team will handle all the issues your site may experience while you focus on working with the site (adding your content, managing orders if you have an online store) but not maintaining it and fighting with tech issues.

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