WordPress Theme Customization Service

Are you going to install a WordPress theme but you don’t know what to start with? Do you want to get a fully-fledged website as fast as possible? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ our WordPress theme customization service is right for you!

Our professional team will take care of your WordPress theme and launch a site that corresponds to your requirements. You won’t have to spend your time studying guidelines and instructions on website launching. Moreover, you won’t have to wonder about the best ways of adding content to your pages. You will get a turnkey WordPress website in 3-5 days. 

What You Get with WordPress Theme Customization Service

WordPress Engine and Theme Installation

Our WordPress customization services imply adjusting your theme from scratch. After you tell us your requirements and business details, our experts will install the template on your server. We will add the pages that you need for the appropriate work of your website.

Resizing & Uploading Logo, Favicon

To make your website associated with your company, we will add your brand logo and favicon to your site. Our experts will adjust the size of your logo and upload it to your theme. Resizing logo is vital if you wish it to be displayed correctly on users’ screens.

Color Changes

With our WordPress theme customization service, you will get a website that matches your company’s style. When you provide us with color specifications of your dominant colors, our designers will adjust the color scheme of your website. Thus, your visitors will associate the site with your brand.

Font Changes

Besides colors, our team will help you with typography selection. As fonts are an essential part of the style, our professionals will do their best to customize your theme and choose the most suitable fonts. Your website will look eye-catching and harmonious.

Layout Updates

Our experts will assist you in choosing the most suitable layout for your website. Our WordPress customization services include not only home page customization, but also footers and headers adjustments. We will place footers and headers to appropriate positions.

Adding Content to Turnkey WordPress Website

Our professionals will help you with the content of your site. We will add everything that will make your webpage more attractive and efficient. Such necessary elements are slides, banners, images, and texts. The WordPress theme customization service implies content adjustments of 6 pages, including the home page.

Website Navigation Setup

A crucial part of website launching is creating convenient navigation that visitors can understand intuitively. Providing WordPress customization services, our professionals will aid you to design an easy-to-understand main menu. Furthermore, we will help you with creating footer menus to improve navigation.

Header & Footer Content

To personalize your website, our team will add the necessary content to your headers and footers. During WordPress website customization, we will make sure that everything looks nice and positively influences user experience.

Contact Form Setup

Our WordPress theme customization service also suggests the setup of a contact form. This form ensures the way to get in touch with you or your company representatives. Depending on your needs, the form can include various fields to fill in.

Adding Cookie Consent Banner

If you want your website to be GDPR compliant, you will have to adjust it to meet the law. With our WordPress customization services,  our team will make one of the steps to turn your webpage into a GDPR-compliant website. We’ll add a banner that informs your visitors about the use of cookies on your pages.

SEO & Speed Optimization Tweaks

It can take some time for a new site to appear in search engine results. Our team will make this process quicker by providing SEO optimization. Additionally, our experts know the secrets of fast-loading websites, so we’ll do the job to make your website fast.

ETA: 1-3 business days
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Why Choose WordPress Customization Services by Zeroix


You Get Turnkey WordPress Website

If you want to get a ready-to-use WordPress website without having to study installation guides, this service is for you. Your only task is to provide us with your wishes and site content, and our team will do all the job for you.


WordPress Theme Customization Made by Professionals

Our team has already assisted numerous clients in WordPress website customization, so we’ll provide you with high-quality, experienced service.


Quick Customization Services

Our team will require from 1 to 3 business days to launch your turnkey WordPress site. We will take care of both your website style and your content.


Affordable Prices

Our WordPress customization cost is much lower than the market average. We are professional theme developers and know how to set up websites fast, which significantly cuts the development cost.

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Oct 11, 2019 by Silvia
I'm in a designer but I am very intimidated with tech stuff. The team at Zeroix helped all the way through the process of creating my site. I knew how my site should look like but I am new to WordPress and the service was a huge help for me. I'm sure those who are in creatives can relate to this: we can have all these grand creative plans but are quite intimidated with all this technical stuff which is crucial when you are launching a site. Anton was very patient and I don't have a choice but to check out the maintenance services as well.
Oct 11, 2019 by Vinay Singh
Excellent service. Fast and short, right to the point. I spent hours before trying to add my content and get the optimal result but failed. They helped me to save the time that I could spend on trying to do everything myself.

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